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About Helium Rewards Checker

Donate to this address using the Helium Wallet app

Helium Rewards Checker was a Helium community app built to check the HNT rewards of any miner of the Helium Blockchain using a predefined time period or a custom one. This is written in the past tense since according to this Helium's blog post, from the 28th of July of 2023, the legacy API will be shut down. So chances are that if you are reading this, this app does not work anymore. But anyway, feel free to check the demos and the source code on its repo: https://github.com/mvidaldp/hntrewards

Also, unfortunalety for all Helium community developers like me, on the 18th of April 2023, Helium migrated to the Solana blockchain, stopped rewarding HNT and started rewarding IOT, and also changed the former open and free Helium's Blockchain API for a new one using AWS, so not for free anymore.
Until now I do not consider updating this web to query the IOT rewards since using AWS is not free. However, Helium is planning to provide a decentralized option for data access in the future. And they are also planning to provide a CSV archive of the historical data. Hence, in the future, I could even consider restoring the functionality of this app and enhancing it including the possibility to query the after-migration data.

Helium Rewards Checker allowed you to see the value of the rewards in different fiat currencies and other relevant information: miner's and owner's address, transmit scale, total miners in hexagon, location, date it was added, total rewards since a miner was added, average rewards per day/hour within the selected period, etc.

Another reason that brought me to develop this tool is to provide real-time and more customized or user-specified information about the HNT rewards. The Helium Explorer and the Helium Hotspot App were not only quite slow but also not flexible to query rewards for specific periods of time. They also did not give you real-time information (at least not the most up-to-date from its blockchain).

Essentially this web app used Helium's Blockchain API to retrieve the desired information directly from Helium's Blockchain, combined with the current HNT fiat value via Coingecko's API. In case you have any suggestions or found any bugs, please write me at soacmaster[at]proton.me

Last but not least, this app was free (and it wanted to stay as such: no ads, no annoyances). That was the reason I set the donation QR codes here. And I would like to thank all the donors for supporting it. Donating is still possible via the Helium Wallet app, by adding a new contact using the QR code of the Solana address and then selecting the contact for sending tokens (HNT, MOBILE, IOT, DC, or SOL). Donating via Solana app should work as well. In a nutshell, if you think this app was and could be again useful, please use the QR code and donate to support it.

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